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A Smaller, Smarter Autonomous Drone for Under $200...

Micro Drone 4.0 is our 4th gen that's custom engineered for aerial photography.

Our Story So Far

Micro Drone was born out of the desire to integrate advanced electronics and sensors, capable of powering the smallest of drones.


Hand-Free Quadcopter Flight

Advanced self-hovering capabilities allows Micro Drone 4.0 to fly worry-free even when you take your hands off the flight controls to allow you to always capture the perfect aerial photo or video with ease.


Smooth Cinematic Aerial Video

Fitted with a tiny two-axis mechanical gimbal, Micro Drone 4.0's palm sized design captures impressive, shake-free aerial photos/videos that's comparable to larger more expensive quadcopter drones.


Artificial Intelligence Onboard

Micro Drone 4.0 is the smallest quadcopter to integrate cutting-edge smart shot A.I. features with automatic flight manoeuvres with intelligent tracking to help you easily capture stunning aerial photography.


“Micro Drone 4.0 is developed by world-class nerd Vernon Kerswell. This guy does small drones like nobody we’ve ever seen and it's priced under $200, we can’t wait to get our hands on it!”

Debra Cleghorn

Best of CES: Top 5 Drones - Rotor Drone Magazine

Aerial Video Demo & CES 2019 Micro Drone Review

Micro Drone 4.0 debuted earlier this month at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, check out a aerial photography demo and a customer review.

Check out a short preview of the Micro Drone 4.0 camera with quality dependent on your connection speed.

Micro_Drone_4-0 white.png


Vernon Kerswell founded Extreme Fliers in 2007, creating numerous models of quadcopters with Micro Drone 4.0 being the most notable to date. To date, Vernon and Extreme Fliers have created advanced electronics and sensors capable of powering the smallest of drones.

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