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Small. Intelligent. Autonomous.
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Our Story So Far

Micro Drone was born out of the desire to integrate advanced electronics and sensors, capable of powering the smallest of drones.

Our next-generation Drone

Until now, only very large, heavy, and expensive quadcopters have been able to provide stable and smooth HD aerial videos. Because of this, we set out to build a drone that could accomplish this in a small, light-weight, affordable device - opening up this exciting hobby to a wider audience. Micro Drone 4.0 integrates three key technologies to achieve this:


Integrating the latest technology so that the drone hovers on the spot


A Camera that shoots high definition video, storing to an SD Card (1080p) while streaming to your phone and a Two-Axis mechanical gimbal

Smooth HD
1080p Video
Small Two-Axis Gimbal
As featured on

"An ultra-compact quadcopter capable of ensuring quality photos and videos at an affordable price"

"Micro Drone 4.0 will use self-hovering tech to help first-time flyers take off"

"next iteration of the line that delivers the experience in a uber portable package"

"Micro Drone 4.0 campaign surpassed expectations meaning the model can introduce a high-end controller"

"easy to use and brings features such as image stabilization and smartphone support"


“Micro Drone 4.0 is developed by world-class nerd Vernon Kerswell. This guy does small drones like nobody we’ve ever seen and it's priced under $200, we can’t wait to get our hands on it!”

Debra Cleghorn

Best of CES: Top Value - Rotor Drone Magazine

Micro Drone
Micro Drone 2.0
Micro Drone 3.0

From the first Micro Drone in 2011, we have launched a model every few years, each building on the last to develop unique capabilities in a small size device.

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